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Resilience and Business Preparedness in Challenging times

The MICE industry is one of the sectors that have been hard hit by the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic in Singapore. In almost a blink of an eye, the year which started well has become a challenging year for many companies. Events were postponed or cancelled as the number of COVID-19 cases increased in Singapore.

At The MICE Studio, we also saw an uptick in queries from clients for advice on what to do to prepare their events to move forward. The safety of our clients, conference delegates and event participants are our utmost priority, and we are still committed to do your events the way you want. To this end, we at the MICE Studio have instituted a set of measures to mitigate COVID-19 exposure during event management and onsite at our events.

The foremost measure is to activate business continuity plans, following MOH’s guidelines. At The MICE Studio, we leverage on modern communication tools to keep in contact with our clients. Text messages, emails and video conference calls allow us to serve our clients as per normal, while minimizing face-to-face contact. When meetings are necessary, clients have also been willing to pare down the number of attendees to the core team, with greater use of technology to provide updates on event preparation.

Another important measure is to increase hygiene and cleanliness standards. To this end, we work with our vendors, hotels and venue providers to ensure the event spaces, reception areas etc are cleaned and sanitised more frequently, and to implement the appropriate DOSCON level measures. With our strong background in event management, we are confident that our experience and our resilience will ensure your events are executed successfully.

For our clients, we will tailor a contingency plan for every event, because every event deserves customisation. Call us or email us to find out what we can do to help you to execute a successful event in these challenging times. You will find that The MICE Studio’s 5 values of Trust, Integrity, Quality, Readiness and Social Responsibility are evident in our business relationships.